About Us


At DRI by HIMADRI, we believe that dressing up is a form of magic. It is not just putting on a piece of clothing and looking good- but a form of expression of oneself.

Inspired by the age-old customs of a woman effortlessly adorning herself with the graceful Indian attire for every little occasion of her life, DRI’s aim is simple- to create clothing every woman can access and feel empowered in.

The word ‘DRI’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘dri’(in hindi) which means ‘honour’, and is strongly associated with why we decided to build DRI: to honour our love, passion and excitement that we so strongly feel towards traditional wear.

With our truly ethereal and unique collection of ethnic traditional wear, we are the one-stop-shop for all Indian festivals, weddings and occasions offering a vast range of traditional ensembles to choose from. 

We design and create clothing from scratch for our customers, because we know how important it is to have something made just for you. We also understand that not everyone can afford expensive designer clothes, so we offer affordable options as well as high-end designs.


At DRI by HIMADRI, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with a wide selection of traditional Indian clothing that are both beautiful and durable. We believe in the power of tradition, and we strive to bring this tradition alive in a modern context. We also want to make it easy for our customers to find exactly what they're looking for at a price point that is suitable to them—and we want them to be able to do it all from one convenient place: our online store!


DRI by HIMADRI is a women's wear brand that focuses on outfits for women who want to look and feel stunning. Our vision is to make dressing up not a task but a tool to express yourself in the most charming way possible. We make sure to create not only the perfect clothes, but a way to bring back an ancient experience into our modern world.

Our Promise

We are committed to creating clothing from scratch that is minimal and quality, so you can look your best no matter what your style is. We design our items with the goal of making them timeless, so you can pass them down for generations to come. 


 Our Founder, Himadri is a fashion and beauty influencer and content creator who is tremendously loved by her audience for her authentic, real & raw content on social media. She is a woman with big dreams, sheer passion and great ambition. She believes that clothing has a transformative power on us and the way we dress has tremendous influence upon our mood and how we feel in the moment. 

Himadri has grown up surrounded by women, specifically her grandmother who would always dress-up so effortlessly well in the simplest of Indian attire and clothing everyday.

This led her to forming a strong personal connection with the art of dressing up in traditional clothing and she too, started to dress and began posting content about Indian clothing for which she received overwhelming love and response from the audience. With time, this motivated her to do something of her own, and that’s how the brand DRI by HIMADRI was born.

With this, Himadri wants to take you on a journey of building something close to her heart and most of all, giving the world a glimpse of her style and fashion in a more personalised way. She intends to make fashion effortless, simple and accessible for every woman who wishes to dress up for festive or wedding occasions.